Staff and leaders

  • phillip Smith - senior pastor

    Pastor Phillip and Rebecca Smith come to Bethel Baptist Church from North Carolina where Phillip has pastored since  2004.  The family hit the ground running when they arrived in Newell in June 2017.    Together they have 3 children, Noah (17), Madison (11) and Brady (6).

  • Tim ried,  associate pastor

    Pastor Tim and Ginnie came "home" to serve us in  2013. They were former members  while they owned Melander's in Alta, many years ago, when God called them to full time service. They sold almost everything and left for Piedmont Bible College in NC. Following that, Tim flew airplanes for United Indian Missions in Arizona and Mexico for 8 years before returning to Newell. Tim and Ginnie have 3 adult children, Ben, Greg, and Rachel who are all married and serving the Lord, and 10 grandchildren. In 2013 they came back home to serve.

  • Ginnie Ried,   church secretary

    Ginnie Ried has served as our secretary since 2017.  She is married to Tim, the associate pastor.  Together they make a great team and complement each other in their giftedness.   

  • Our Elders

    These four men help the pastor with spiritual leadership and are responsible for the direction of the church.   Roger, Dale, Geoff and Garry are serving during this term.

  • our Deaconesses

    The word deacon or deaconess comes from the Greek work meaning attendant or waiter. Our deaconess ministry at Bethel focuses on the preparing of the Lord's Table for communion and assisting the pastor with baptisms.  These ladies also minister to the women of the church  and assisting the pastors/elders as needed. Barb, Jean, Linda and Carol are currently serving.

  • our Deacons

    These guys manage the church property, oversee financial matters of the church and serve alongside the Elder board  Mark, Steve and Randy are currently our Deacons. 

  • carol brummer, custodian

    Carol has been custodian since March 2012. She and her husband, Randy, are the parents of 3 grown daughters. They also have 5 grandchildren. Carol enjoys golf, spending time with her grandchildren and visiting the senior ladies of our church.