What to expect


When you visit our church you'll find a warm welcome. You'll find imperfect people who are still very much in the process of being transformed, but, you'll also find people who are excited about growing in their walk with God and serving Him. You'll find a church that is passionate about truth with challenging, biblical messages - a church that allows the truth to change our lives and then proclaims it to the world. We love to sing, meet together, and serve, and you're invited to join us!

Sunday School

9:00 to 10: 05 am

We love Sunday school! If you want to go deeper and learn more, this is a great place to be. It's for ages 2 and up and it's free!  Grab yourself a cup of coffee, choose your class, find a chair, and relax. If you don't have a Bible, we'll give you one -it's a gift! (See below to find out where to get it)

Young children start class in the church sanctuary with singing before their teachers take them to their classes. Older kids and adults go right to their class. 

In classes, people can express a concern for which they'd like prayer (which is asking other people to join together and ask God to do something). Then comes a Bible lesson. There are no tests. You won't get called on to answer a question. Just sit back and soak it in. Have questions? We'd love to help you find answers - just ask! 

While we take our Bible study seriously, but there's room for some wisecracks and laughter in the classroom; God loves a merry heart! In fact, Sunday school is a great place to get to know people. 

We have a nursery for your babies up to age 2. 

Worship service

10:20 AM

What should I wear?

Dress casually with whatever makes you comfortable. Church attendance is ultimately between you and God, and he looks at your heart, not your outward appearance.

What is walking in like?

Someone will greet you if you come in the main entrance. You can hang up your coat and check out the place. Please stop at our visitor's table by the front door and sign our guest book!   You can bring your little ones to the nursery if desired. When you walk into the sanctuary (where the seats are), someone will give you a bulletin with our church announcements, Sometimes it will have an outline of the sermon so you can follow along and fill in the blanks. If you have a wheel chair, you can park your chair at the end of an aisle or in the back.

What is the worship service like? 

In general, it goes like this: 


Worship Music/Singing

Offering/Special Music


Closing Song

Once a month, usually the first Sunday of the month, we have  Communion. This is the passing out of bread and juice to remember our Lord's death. (Huh? What's communion?) This is usually done at the beginning of service while remaining seated. First the bread is passed out, and then we eat it together. Then the juice is passed out, and then we eat it together. You are welcome to participate if you have confessed with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and has risen from the dead. At this time we do not offer gluten-free communion bread.

What is the music like?

We have a  piano, keyboard, drums, a couple guitars and occasionally other instruments. The songs are a blend of traditional hymns and contemporary songs. We stand through part of the songs, and then sit.

"Special Music" means that someone, or a small group, shares a song with us.

My child can cry loudly. What do I do?

A child's cries are just another form of life's music, and many childless couples would "give their right arm" to have a crying child, and many churches, too, for that matter. We're so thankful for children! But, if you need to step out as a courtesy to others, you can bring your little one to the nursery (up to age 4), or, the worship service can be heard and watched from the hallway outside the sanctuary.

Does is cost?

The offering is meant to honor God with the treasures He has given us. But as our visitor, please don't feel any obligation to give.

Should I bring my Bible?

We encourage it. Some people read off their tablets or smartphones. If you don't have a Bible and would like one, we have one to gift you. See below.

Is there wifi?

Yes. The password is inside the front page of the bulletin that an usher will hand you as you walk in the door.

What about after?

Some people leave, and some stay and visit with each other. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to talk to the pastor or a leader.

Just one thing we'd really like....

We'd love to remember you came! Please fill out a visitor's card located in the back of the pew (seat) in front of you. You can put it in the offering plate as it comes around. With a visitor's card, you can give your contact info and express if you have any needs questions. No pressure though - it's fine if you'd rather not. We're just glad you came because it encourages us!

how things work

  • help yourself to a cup of coffee

    You'll find it  in the back of the gym. you are welcome to bring it to Sunday school class or into the sanctuary. There's fellowship time between Sunday School and worship. Enjoy!

  • Helpful Booklets

    Here are helpful booklets on Evangelism (helping someone understand enough to start their faith); Discipleship (helping someone grow in knowledge and confidence in their faith); and Restoration (guidance for broken people needing help - we are all broken in some way). Please take them as you desire to, or give them to someone you'll think will be helped by them.

  • information bulletin boards

    Check out the latest happenings on the board by the front entryway,. 

  • The long hallway

    This long hallway connects the east end of the church (offices and nursery), to the west (big gym and sanctuary). Along this wall are the library and 2 meeting rooms  (used for adult Sunday school, Children's Church, and 105 kids on Wednesdays).  

  • Weather related announcements

    For weather related announcements, check the home page; Bethel Baptist Church on Facebook or listen to either  KJYL 96.3 or KAYL 101.7 radio or check TV station KTIV-4.