Sunday School hour  9:00 - 9:50 AM

The Sunday School Hour is for those age 2 and up, but it's not just for the little kids; it's for all ages.  Consider this your invitation.  Just show up.  Any Sunday.  Just as you are.

~Babies to age 2 can go to the nursery.  There is a class for the 2&3 year olds in their nursery room too.

~ Age 2  to those in 4th grade start in the sanctuary for songs before going with their teachers to classes.

~The 5th-6th  grade class meets upstairs. The stairway up is right inside the gym

~ 7-8th graders and the High School classes meet downstairs. The stairway down is at the east entrance (office area).

~Adults meet in Room 102 off the long, main hallway.  

Often times there is a second Adult class downstairs.

Come learn with us as we are all challenged to grow in our walk with Christ.