Real  Women

"Real" means we try to have it all together, but there are still spots that we are working on. We are all different, yet belong together. Real Women is the name for all the women's activities. It's a place to come and really feel free to be yourself and get built up. It doesn't matter if you attend a church or not: all are welcome to come study what we're studying! Curious about the Bible? About this God? Your background doesn't matter. We'd love to have you!  :)

  • Morning bible studies

      There are currently three women's weekly Bible Studies:

    Tuesday Mornings @ 9:30am

        Linda Culp's Home - 429 W. Jensen St. - Newell

        Linda Smith's Home - 318 Harrison St - Newell

                 * Childcare provided (usually at church)

    Wednesday Mornings @ 6:00 am

         Led my Marcia Johnson at the church -Meets in the library